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Road to Baq'ah. COMING SOON!


Road To Baq'ah
'Care For Refugees'

*Baq'ah merupakan sebuah kem pelarian Palestin yang terletak di Amman.

23 APRIL 2011

Baqa`a camp in few lines
  • Population Al baqa`a camp are 120000 , all of them are Palestinian refugees living on small area which is 1.4 square kilometers. Those people are expelled from lands by arm forces .
  • Al baqa`a camp is on of thirteen Palestinian camps in Jordan which is the largest camp with high density of population.
  • The camp had been established in 1968; tents on muddy land without services ( no water, electricity , paths or roads , schools, health cervices ).
  • After tent UNRWA started to build houses from cartoon, then changed to asbestos , metal sheets .
  • The most important thing is that the houses are small in area , no ventilation between houses , population then started to receive some services .
  • The houses of the camp are built by UNRWA with units reach. To 96 s.m /unit . this are small and not enough to bug family which was reach 15 members in some cases . Average family member is 9/family .
  • Housing : 40% houses are built from full concrete 60% are built from concrete covered by metal sheets . Some have a shortage of electricity and water supply
  • Poverty is about 80 % of population , 60% are unemployed . when employed person ,he works in simple works which gives very low salary which reaches 50JD/month (75USD) .
The most important problems which are faced by population are :
  • Small area of houses while the average of family members is 9 persons per family , that’s leads to social and psychological problems.
  • Small and narrow paths between blocks .
  • Paths are filled with garbage, increase the availability of flies ,lice and mosquitoes . that lead to many disease .
  • Using primitive ways of heating in winter lead to fires of houses , burns and suffocation. Daily deaths in winter due to those problem .
  • While no areas for children to play they usually go to streets ; daily car accident .
  • High percentage of those houses are in bad conditions ; leakage of water in winter ,hot in summer , humidity ,weak ventilation in addition to flies .
  • The schools are small, it's capacity cannot give the service in acceptable way . the class may contain 60 children while it must contain 15 .
  • No any representatives in social institutions .
Social and economic status of camp
  • Psychiatric disease: it was due to unfair feeling , their lands were stolen , bread earning swept ,using violence against them to evacuate the land in addition to living in small , narrow houses without accepted services .
  • Physical disease: mostly due to bad nourishment, and bad environment. Diarrhea, communicable diseases measles , small pox and mumps .
  • Social deviation of young children.
  • Unemployment: most power are working in unskilled work due to absence of education and training . Children go to school for few of years and then leakage starts , then you will find that small number of students will be graduated from university ,why that due to the following :
  1. Leakage from schools .
  2. Cost of education is out of their ability .
  3. No support to Palestinian people especially in high education .
  4. Hopelessness.
  5. Psychiatric disease .
  6. House environment is not good to encourage students to study .

Islamic charity center society
  • Educational activities , center fulfill those activities through
  1. males educational centers it consists of 250 male student, who are orphan or poor
  2. female educational center, consists of 420 female student ( orphan or poor )
  • Health services activities : fulfill those through establishing health center which consists of GP clines one for males other for females Dentist clinic and medial lab . more than 15000 of in habitants visit that center it gives the services for orphan poor people and others
  • Job rehabilitation center for females , it makes training courses for females , courses consists:
1. Sewing
2. house works
3. computer
4. handcrafts
  • social activates , consist of the following:
    1. financial allowance distributed to poor and orphans

    2. kind distributed , which way be ; food , clothes , heater , blankets , maintenance material

    3. seasonal helps

General information

1. beneficiaries of socially in Baqa'a Camp are 620 families from poor orphans 
2. orphan families are 320 families 
3. poor families are 300 families 
4. sponsored orphan are 1072 orphans 
5. sponsored poor families are 150 families

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